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Forex Manager US

1.69 usd

How often do everything correctly calculating and opening a position on the FOREX market you again and again looking into the terminal to check that whatever your deal? It happens: the price is not even slipped to mid-STOP LOSS, and youre in a nervous sweat already close order is completely forgetting about his strategy? Or not waiting TAKE PROFIT commit profit, repeatedly losing money? And the most annoying is that opening the position you are properly calculated ... If so, then ForexManager Professional hurry to help you. It will tell you when the price reaches specified levels, and you need to look at the market, you do not need to endlessly stare at charts, losing nerves, time and profit. Download ForexManager Professional, set alerts and be engaged in your favorite activities, family or relax, remember, there are moments that are priceless, everything else you can buy. And as a gift I give you the monitoring of economic news and calculator to calculate the tear-off position, a powerful tool in money management.